Testing & Formation

Diagtron Power Electronics

We can provide you with a wide range of equipment for testing and initial formation of batteries. The scope of supply involves products both for production and laboratory.

The combination of heavy duty power electronics in linear or switch mode technology along with digital controllers, data acquisition and a comprehensive management software on top is what makes Digatron unique in this field.

Typical customers are battery manufacturers and companies using batteries in large scale as well as research laboratories working at new technologies for low emission driving solutions.

Digatron Power Electronics equipments are divided into the following areas:
– Battery Testing and Formation
– Energy Storage, Charging and Testing
– Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle Testing

Wherever batteries are produced or used as an energy source, test and formation equipment from Digatron Power Electronics represents the state of the art.

Manufacturing & Formation

Digatron Systems

In 2019 Digatron Systems was established to offer machinery to manufacture and charge lithium-ion batteries, which means turn-key solutions for lithium-ion battery producers. The newly formed company in Italy builds on a 50 years long history of experience, skills, technology and market knowledge in the battery formation and testing systems, and consists of dedicated engineering and manufacturing experts with a broad experience in the field, deep knowledge of the lithium-ion cell/advanced battery production process.

This means that Digatron Systems provides a fusion between mechanical and electronic technology to offer tailored integrated solutions for cell production, formation and module assembly to lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

Product range includes equipments for:

  • Anode/cathode cutting
  • Pouch forming
  • Cell stacking
  • Tab welding
  • Cell filling
  • Degassing
  • Formation
  • Ageing
  • OCV measurement

Digatron Systems produce solutions created for a wide range of customers, e.g. research institutes and universities, battery manufacturers and much more.

Digatron is an international group of companies with headquarters in Aachen (Germany), with global manufacturing facilities in USA, China, India & Italy.

For over half a century, Digatron have been developing and producing test and formation systems for all types of batteries, ranging from mobile phone batteries, to electric vehicle batteries, through to batteries for submarines. Digatron also supplies highly dynamic test and simulation systems for other types of electrical energy storage such as fuel cells, supercapacitors and hybrid drives.

Digatron’s solutions stand for uncompromising quality and are characterized by long product life cycles. Our customers include battery and automobile manufacturers, as well as research facilities that develop technologies and solutions for the electrochemical energy storage systems of the future.

We are the representative for Digatron Power Electronics and Digatron Systems in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.