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Rotary Joints

Creating rotary motion is easy, but when air or liquids need to be transferred from a stationary supply to a rotating component for cooling, heating, lubricating or transmitting fluid power, the task becomes more complicated. This is where rotary unions come in.


Källström design and produce long life rotary unions in acid proof stainless steel for rough environments, enduring pressures up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 240°C.
Our unions are used for a safe transfer of hot oil or water, from a stationary source into a rotating part of machinery.


Rotary unions provide an interface that allows fluid media — air, steam, or liquid — to be transferred between a rotating component and a static component. They’re designed to accommodate a wide variety of media conditions, including very high and low temperatures, flows, and pressures, including vacuum applications. And unlike other fluid transfer mechanisms, rotary unions work for applications involving any combination of rotation angles, including continuous rotation in one direction.


Since 2009 we have produced high quality rotary unions for tough conditions and Källström will continue to develop, produce and sell rotary unions formally named BRK-serie. Our rotary unions are made for cold and hot water, steam condensate or oil; and the unions are designed for extremely tough conditions.

We offer a number of standard models; sizes from 28 to 130 mm. Our unions can be found in the textile, plastic, paper, steel, chemical and process industry.


Scope of supply

• Mechanical seal kit complete with rotary and stationary part - all sizes.
• Complete bearing repair kit including O-rings and clamp ring.
• Adapters for various fittings.

• Rotary union with 48 mm shaft Ø
• Rotary union with 60 mm shaft Ø
• Rotary union with 70 mm shaft Ø
• Rotary union with 75 mm shaft Ø
• Rotary union with 85 mm shaft Ø
• Rotary union with 130 mm shaft Ø

Above are the most common sizes of rotary unions, for additional sizes please contact:

Camilla Källström

+46 (0)706182520