The bleak Swedish November weather calls for the typical swedish expression “myspys” today (snuggle-cozying) with lit candle lanterns in the office.

Full production

The production line is running full speed at the moment and we have a lot of machines in pipe-line, which is good since we just got a lot of free space in the workshop after shipping the mega machine.

Our chief electrician Björn has a lot of wiring to take care of right now, a delicate work that demands precise accuracy.

New shipping going out

We have a bit of shipping going out right now – which always is a nice chore. Two acid filling machines are ready for pick-up today. One SF4-2 Double and one SF4-2 Triple. All wrapped up and ready to go!

Stars on the Castle, Källström edition

Last week-end we spent the week-end on one of the magnificent Scania Castles that we are surrounded of here in South Sweden. We took the opportunity to set up a little brassband jam but last but not least we solved a murder mystery. All in an evenings work.


Chillin’ in the library…

…with refreshments.

We had a really nice afternoon jam in a laid back atmosphere.

Luckliy the brains trust from Källström solved the unfortunate murder mystery on the Castle that night.

From left to right: Tommy Berglund, Björn Meeuwisse, Mirek Polanski, Lotta Limborg, Jim Sandberg, Bo Johansson, Anders Källström, Fredrik Larsson, Marie Lindbergh, Björn Boij.

BIG Shipping Day!


One of our biggest shipping so far – 13,3 meters long, 3,6 meters high and 3,3 meters wide. One machine in three different 40 ft shipping containers – so to be sure we hired professionals to help us ease out the BIG machine in manageable pieces. The machine is our biggest acid-filler in the SF4-series; SF4-8 Ten. A VRLA-filler with 10 filling stations that actually is able to handle and fill up to ten different battery-types simultaneously. And of course it’s automatic change-over of the fixed filling heads…


First a little piece to warm us up.

Time for the bigger pieces… special tools for a heavy lift was necessary.

Preparations before lift was meticulous.

Then it was time to start moving the heavy stuff… very carefully.

Half of the bottom portion of the machine is on the roll. With the right type of equipment everything is easy easier.

Theoretically it should fit through the big door…

…and it did fit out the big door, even if it was tight! :)

Then comes the interesting part – lifting it up and into the 40 ft shipping container.

With a little assistance from our sturdy 3,5 ton fork lift we eased it into the shipping container. There was at least a centimeter (1/2 inch) on both sides.

Mission accomplished. Only the rest to load into the next two containers!


Packing day

This week we are busy packing here at Källström for a huge shipping come Monday.

We are filling up crates, dismantling machinery and platic-wrapping ourselves dizzy.

The equipment in the background is just one part of the machinery. More to come!

Winter is closing in

It’s getting cold and time to change to winter tires on the car. Looking out the window in the Källström office this morning, seeing how the frost made all the roofs snowy white.

Building = programming

Building a new machine also involves some programming. Our designers Tommy (standing) and Björn are running final tests and tweaking features on a SF4-2D, creative creations in a corner of our busy workshop.

Busy building

Head mechanic “Mirek” is working on one of the latest acid fillers under construction.

The workshop at Källström is busy as always, full of new machines being built. It is almost over-full and we are looking forward to the new workshop that are being planned at the moment. The machine being built is a fully automatic triple-station acid filler of our SF4-2 series.