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Acid Mixing & Diluting

We offer a wide range of mixing equipment. Our goal is to provide highest quality equipment with outstanding performance and great flexibility that is easy-to-use and provides the highest accuracy in your production.


Batch or Continuous

Regardless if you choose a Batch or Continuous equipment all of our systems are designed to be fully automatic and intentioned to mix the acid density you need in your production 24/7.


The high accuracy (± 0.002 g/cm³) is ensured with a Coriolis mass flow meter.
We at Källström have used this type of meter for both filling and mixing for over 20 years now and the track record is excellent.


A single stand in acid proof steel includes all necessary parts such as valves, pumps, piping, PLC and heat exchanger. The compact design can be shipped as is in a standard ocean container and once in place it is easy to install.

Any density you need

Our mixing equipments are designed to mix concentrated acid to any desired density.


Typical options for the mixing equipments are chillers, storage tanks in HDPE, production of de-ionized water, recycling of waste acid for usage in the mixing process and dosing of additives like Na2SO4 and NaOH.


  • Batch or Continuous mixing
  • Compact Single unit
  • Capacity up to 6 m³/h
  • Accuracy down to ±0.002 g/cm³
  • Fully automatic operation 24/7

Powder mixing


Fully automatic

Our powder mixers are fully automatic mixers intended for mixing powdered additives with liquids to different conductivities and density for automatic distribution to production if needed. For example our  Sodium mixer is a fully automatic mixer intended for mixing powdered sodium (Na2SO4) with water to different conductivities and for automatic distribution to production.

Level sensors

The powder mixers cosists of a powder container connected to a dosing tank with an agitator for mixing the solution in the dosing tank. The tank and the container are connected via a worm conveyor and both tank and powder container are equipped with level sensors.

The dosing tank where the water and the sodium is mixed by the agitator, contains a level sensor for indication of low and high level (from a safety point of view there is a redundancy for high level indication).

Simultaneous measurements

The water and powder inflow is automatically controlled by sensors; on the Sodium mixer a conductivity meter measures and continuously monitors the sodium solutions salinity.


  • Fully automatic
  • Level sensors with redundancy
  • Continous mixing 24/7

Gel mixing


In-line mixing of acid and colloidal silica

With our new design of sealless ceramic syringes combined with a static mixer we offer a fully automatic and accurate in-line mixing of acid and colloidal silica to any required mixing ratio.

The unit is compact and it is easy to increase the capacity by adding one or more syringes.


The stroke of the cylinders is controlled by a servo motor that ensures a smooth and precise movement ensuring the high dosing accuracy of ±1 ml for each media.

Direct filling or in-direct filling

The unit can the fill the mixture/electrolyte directly into batteries, drums or cans or it can supply a filling machine with the mixed product.


The capacity depends on the number of syringes. The more syringes the higher capacity, which means that it can be customized for every specific need. If required the design can make it possible to increase the capacity in the future by adding more syringes.


In order to prolong the gelling time the acid can be chilled before the mixing. The best solution are considered for every case.


  • In-line mixing of acid and colloidal silica
  • Sealless ceramic syringes for exact dosing
  • Static mixer/h
  • High accuracy
  • Customized capacity
  • Cooling of acid

For additional information contact:

Bo Johansson

+46 70 618 83 26


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