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We design a wide range of battery filling-machines. Our goal is to provide highest quality equipment with outstanding performance and great flexibility that is easy-to-use and provides the highest accuracy in your production.



SLI is an acronym for Starting, Lighting, and Ignition; these processes are all consuming energy that is supplied by a vehicle’s battery. SLI is a lead-acid and rechargeable type of battery that is mainly used in automobiles and different vehicles.

Volumetric or level filling

We offer machines filling with a specific volume or to a specific level in each cell. The machine can be used for initial filling or for filling after formation.

Small. Medium. Large. Larger!

The acid fillers come in different sizes from one up to six filling heads in a single machine with capacity up to 25 batteries/minute. Future expansion plans? No problem. Our machines can be designed to handle retrofitting extra stations later on. The perfect way to grow as your production does.


Our machines can be fitted with a number of options. One common option is the battery reject station used for rejecting incorrectly filled batteries in the finishing line. Automatic height adjustment of the filling heads will decrease change over time and reduce the risk for incorrect adjustment. If you want to fill with different acid densities this can be arranged with a tank designed to handle up to three different densities.


  • Filling of SLI batteries
  • Volumetric or level filling
  • Up to six filling heads
  • Capacity up to 25 batteries/minute


VRLA - Stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid and includes Gel and AGM. Typical characteristics are: maintenance-free, leak-proof, position insensitive. Batteries of this kind have a safety vent to release gas in case of excessive internal pressure build up. Mainly use is emergency lighting, RV, marine equipment, power backups and for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Accuracy Matters

We understand the importance of getting the right saturation in the plates. At the very core of the machine sits a state-of-the-art flow meter making sure to deliver acid just right for each specific battery.

The Coriolis flow meter is perfect for this job. Not only will it offer the best dosage accuracy but also provide read-out of Density and Temperature of the solution.

Under Pressure

Our machines offer great flexibility to manage the most complex fill procedures. Offering freedom to define unique sets of parameters such as vacuum level, fill- and soak times.

Manage up to ten steps per fill cycle in order to minimize dry-spots. Parameters are stored in recipes and can be accessed at any time from the machine's HMI.


Our machines can be fitted with a number of options. First we have the Scales which will keep track on the Battery weights throughout the process. Together with Barcode/Matrix readers and an SQL-database they make a powerful combination.

If temperature controlled Acid is desired we also have the option to fit a heat exchanger onto the machine. The machines are able to handle several minus degrees Celsius.

For those who require even higher controlled process one can add the Individual Cell Vacuum monitor system. It can provide useful diagnostics on what's happening within each cell during filling.


  • Fills a wide range of batteries from Motorcycle, Small Enginges Batteries to Standby batteries. Filling of 2, 6, 8, 12 and 24 Volt batteries.
  • Four batteries/min
  • Fill accuracy ±3 g/cell


NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries is a rechargeable type of battery. They are used in some hybrid vehicles but otherwise mainly in powerful stationary energy storage solution for home, business or infrastructure where they provide stable and reliable back-up and/or  off-grid power supply. The environmentally advantage over lithium batteries is amongst other that the hydride batteries are fully recyclable.


Instead of acid the electrolyte for NiMH-batteries is an alkaline electrolyte, usually Potassium Hydroxide (also known as lye or KOH). Our KOH electrolyte filler (LF4-8) for bi-polar NiMH-battery modules is fully automatic. It features an integrated vaccum test, high precision filling by a servo assisted syringe unit and an exact control of the cells fill weight. The machine is equipped with scale units, bar code readers and reject stations.


The KOH-filler come in different sizes just like our other machines and can be designed to handle retrofitting extra stations later on. The perfect way to grow as your production does. It is also possible to have larger machines with more filling stations than the current single or double.


  • Filling of NiMH batteries
  • Volumetric filling
  • 1 or 2 filling heads (LF4-8)
  • Capacity is cell dependent

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