Say hello to automation engineer Hampus 👋

Hampus has a lot of experience in automation engineering and also has a background in the marine. Always ready to tackle challenges and always with a smile on his face! Right now Hampus making sure all the features and specifications is set on this acid filling machine for AGM/VRLA batteries. 📍VRLA – Stands for Valve […]

Good continuation too you all! We´re excited to start 2024!

Let’s ask our CEO Jim Lindroth Sandberg what he´s looking forward to in 2024? We have a busy schedule ahead of us, launching machines worldwide while also dedicating ourselves to ongoing development work for clever solutions. Our travels around the world grant us valuable insights into the diverse cultural nuances present in various markets. Being […]

SPS Nurnberg

Our engineer Mauritz Nilsson is back home after some interesting and inspiring days in Germany together with Siemens.SPS Nurnberg connect people from all over the word! Providing new contacts, new knowledge and access to new markets. Virtual PLCs, Virtual Sensors, Machine learning based maintenance planning (Sens Eye), HARTING Technology Group Han-INOX, Siemens EDGE, Power Monitoring is some of the topics and […]

New office is ready for moving in!

Our new office ready for moving in, and this we had to celebrate! Lotta has done a really nice job putting it together. It´s so cosy that no one wants to leave work.

Say hello to our newest talented star Mauritz

Automation Engineer

Say hello to our newest talented star Mauritz, who has joined our growing team. We are very excited to have you here! What are you working on right now? ”In the realm of industrial machinery where robustness meets precision, off-the-shelf solutions often fall short. This is especially true when dealing with the stringent demands of […]


Automation Engineer

Automation engineer Tommy is doing a commission at our customers factory.Everyone wants to take part of the latest technology!

Time for a teambuilding getaway.

Surrounded by sheep in this beautiful nature we got the chance to collaborate and communicate in a unique setting. A great team building session that made us an even more united team! 💫After reflection and brainstorming session we enjoyed the pool and a great dinner together.  Congratulations to Mirec who became the employee of the […]