Dance Hall Days

Finally we have started the undertaking of buildning a new assembly hall for our facility in Eslöv!

A new assembly hall has been planned for a longer time and it is now under way when our first steps towards a new hall has been taken. We are very happy and look forward to the new place! The new hall will be directly connected to our existing premises, so by opening a door we will have twice the amout of assembly space! We are somewhat overcrowded now so we really need more space.

First of all an older storage was knocked down in the beginning of September.

Then the preparations for the foundation including digging and drainage. (Our current premises in the background). Anders is out and about to overlook the progress.

Then came the placing of rather sturdy connection blocks, and that was made last week.

Now we are waiting for the Hall builders to arrive next week. When the new hall is in place we will have doubled our present assembly space. Right now it feels like we are going to have plenty of space and space enough for a big Dance Hall as well.

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