Hall and groundwork complete

New assembly hall finished!

Our new assembly hall is more or less complete now. Outside the groundwork with asphalt is done and we also got a new little porch for our breaks and lunch in a sunny corner. Inside the hall lighting is up as well as pallet racks and we have already shipped out five machines assemblied in the new hall.

The asphalt was laid down in two layers, so now we have a sturdy ground when driving in and out with trucks, lorries, pallet trucks and such. Shipping and loading is done very easily now when we can take in a full truck in the hall instead of lifting out the machines for shipping.

The asphalt was laid down on a sunny day and the guys were very fast and very effective.

Inside view looking out over the new porch outside the kitchen.

Dance Hall Days

Finally we have started the undertaking of buildning a new assembly hall for our facility in Eslöv!

A new assembly hall has been planned for a longer time and it is now under way when our first steps towards a new hall has been taken. We are very happy and look forward to the new place! The new hall will be directly connected to our existing premises, so by opening a door we will have twice the amout of assembly space! We are somewhat overcrowded now so we really need more space.

First of all an older storage was knocked down in the beginning of September.

Then the preparations for the foundation including digging and drainage. (Our current premises in the background). Anders is out and about to overlook the progress.

Then came the placing of rather sturdy connection blocks, and that was made last week.

Now we are waiting for the Hall builders to arrive next week. When the new hall is in place we will have doubled our present assembly space. Right now it feels like we are going to have plenty of space and space enough for a big Dance Hall as well.

Back in business after summer

Källström is now up and running on all cylinders again. The whole workforce are back in the saddle after the summer leave. We are gaining momentum despite a heatwave that hit us last week, but the workshop is busy with building. The summer in Sweden is on a good day 20-25+ C. This summer has offered diverse weather. First we had the coldest July for decades, pretty cold and wet even after swedish standards, and now we have the hottest August so far. We are slowly boiling, but still we don’t have the heatwave like in southern Europe.

We are still struggling with deliveries due to the ongoing Corona-situation but we are doing our best to get shipments out as soon as possible!