In the workshop

We are completing a couple of new machines in the workshop, it’s a couple of our popular SF4-2D. They are up and running and soon ready to be shipped away to customer.

Buildning as usual

We are currently building two new machines of the SF5-41 and are close to completion. Right now it’s isolation of pipes since the machines are built for chilled acid (-16 Celcius).

New week, new shipping

This week we shipped out three machines, two of our popular acid mixers and one sodium mixer.

As always the machines are steadily secured during the shipping, with screws securing the feets and with heavy duty ratchet straps securing the machine to the containers cargo hooks.


Shipping time

In spite of the gray and dull weather, another week another shipping.

This weeks cargo contains three of our popular acid fillers for SLI batteries and one acid level control. The level control unit can be used for checking batteries acid level after top off after formation.

After the usual sturdy securing of the machines in the container we closed, sealed up and waved goodbye to yet another successful shipping.

First shipment for 2020

Today we are sending away the first shipping of the new year.

First machine to leave the premises is a sedimentation unit that now is packed, sealed and on it’s way to the customer.

Packages before Christmas

We are working hard now to build and ship hard packages before Christmas. The workshop is filled with machines and it is actually a bit difficult to walk around in the workshop.

One of our SK4 acid control machines is among the equipment soon to be shipped.

We are completing a couple of sodium-mixers (in the background a couple of machines in our SF4-series).

We are also completing a couple of big acid mixing machines right now at our facility.

Källströms Kök

A report from the kitchen att Källström (Källströms Kök). In a modest effort to brew, if not the Perfect Coffe, but at least a Better coffee we went at it with exact weighing of 14 grams ground coffee beans per deciliter  water and a 2 minute pre-soaking of the beans before brewing commence. A fully scientific proceedings in other word. Björn is our Barista.

The result was “slightly better than average”. We are satisfied.


As good as new

Today we have refurbishing of a rotary joint going in one of our workshops.  We offer repair and service for all our unions at our production facility in Eslöv. Repaired and refurbished unions are returned to the customer in a perfect good-as-new condition and this is no exception. Camilla is putting the last hand on the 115 kilo heavy rotary joint with 130 mm shaft Ø, which soon is ready to be sent back. As good as new. :)


The bleak Swedish November weather calls for the typical swedish expression “myspys” today (snuggle-cozying) with lit candle lanterns in the office.

Full production

The production line is running full speed at the moment and we have a lot of machines in pipe-line, which is good since we just got a lot of free space in the workshop after shipping the mega machine.

Our chief electrician Björn has a lot of wiring to take care of right now, a delicate work that demands precise accuracy.