Our machines can be fitted with a number of options for improved usability, functionality and quality

According to customer need our fillers can handle any voltage of batteries/battery cells between 2 and 36 volts.

Acid circulation

For filling with cold acid: Acid circulation system to external cooling tank.


Agitator for tank

For Gel fillers an agitator in the supply tank keeps the acid solution in motion and keeping the silica from forming build-ups.


Automatic height adjustment

Automatic height adjustment of the filling heads will reduce time for adjustment and decrease change over time and reduce the risk for incorrect adjustments.


Cabinet Cooler

For cooling of the electrical cabinet, to keep the temperature inside the electrical cabinet from climbing in hot ambient temperature.



We can provide a SQL-database or communicate with an external database. This is used together with scale units to keep track of the individual batteries filling.


Density measuring in tank

When You want or need an exact control of the acid density a density measuring in the tank is possible.


Heat Exchanger

When temperature controlled acid is desired we have the option to fit a heat exchanger onto the machine. The machines are able to handle several minus degrees Celsius.


ICV - Individual Cell Vacuum Monitoring System

For those who require an even higher controlled process we can add the Individual Cell Vacuum Monitoring System. It provides a useful diagnostics on what is happening within each separate cell during filling.


Insulated acid tank

An insulated acid tank is available when using cool acid. The tank can handle as cool acid as down to -40.


Lift Gate Conveyor

A Lift Gate Conveyor is a customized conveyor that makes it possible to open, fold up the conveyor and pass through.


Matrix/barcode printer

We can provide a laser-printer to mark up the individual batteries for the Matrix/barcode readers that work together with a database to keep track of individual filling.


Matrix/barcode reader

When using a Database the reader provides the information for the SQL-database to keep track on every individual filling of batteries/cells.


Nozzle Cleaning Kit

A built-in Nozzle Cleaning System can, based on need, clean the nozzles via a short burst of compressed air to get rid of unwanted particles (often plastic from production). Otherwise filling nozzles may have to be dismounted and rinsed by hand, which leads to unwanted down-time in the production.


Nozzle Template

The use of a template to position the filling nozzles according to recipe/ battery type is highly recommended. A manual positioning is of course possible, but takes significantly longer time. By using a template, the same and correct positions of the filling nozzles is quickly acquired every time, which is very helpful when changing battery types in the filling.


OCV - Open Circuit Voltage test

The OCV is an option for our SK4-1 Acid level control machine, during level control the OCV simultaneously take measures on the battery poles for voltage testing.


Reject unit

A battery reject station is used for rejecting incorrectly filled or faulty batteries in the finishing line.


Remote control

An ability to remotely control the machine is possible for Service or Maintenance purposes or for monitoring purposes.


Rinsing system

A built-in Rinsing system consisting of pipes and nozzles rinses off the filling stations in the machine literally at the push of a button.


Scale units

A set of Scale units will keep track on the battery weights throughout the process. Together with Barcode/Matrix readers and an SQL-database they make a powerful combination.


Tank draining unit

The tank draining system contains a diaphragm pump and is used to effortlessly evacuating the acid from the tank when changing acid density or if the tank needs emptying in relation to maintenance.


Tank with sections

A supply tank for more than one acid density. If you want to be able to work with different acid densities this can be arranged with a tank designed to handle up to three different densities. It reduces down time for draining the tank and filling up with another density.


For more information and questions about our different options please contact:

Bo Johansson

+46 70 618 83 26



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