SLI SF4-2D + SK4-1S

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SF4-2D + SK4-1S

The SF4-2 family is designed for level filling. The machines are fully automatic filling machines available with different numbers of filling stations, with adjustable and automatic leveling of the filling heads designed for filling and acid leveling of SLI batteries. The filling process is pressure-aided and the leveling process is vacuum-aided.

The SK4 Acid Level Control is a stand-alone unit that can be combined with all our SF4-2 machines. The SK4-1S is a single station control unit that performs a control and makes sure the batteries are correctly filled and can also be fitted with an OCV-test.

The SF4-2D + SK4-1S in the picture features a two station filling machine and is outfitted with an single station Acid Level Control unit (SK4-1S), an optional feature on the SK4 is an OCV-test (Open Circuit Voltage), all typical suitable for a finishing line. The SF4-2 is also used for initial filling before formation.

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