KällströmBattery IndustryFilling SLI – SF4-2T


The SF4-2 family is designed for level filling. The machines are fully automatic filling machines available with different numbers of filling stations, with adjustable and automatic leveling of the filling heads designed for filling and acid leveling of SLI batteries. The filling process is pressure-aided and the leveling process is vacuum-aided. The SF4-2 is suitable both for initial filling before formation, and to be used on a finishing line after formation.

The SF4-2T is a triple machine and consequently it features three individual filling stations. The SF4-2T contains double conveyors for more efficient production - one in-going and one out-going conveyor together with a cross-feed system makes the transportation within the filling machine very effective.


The machine in the picture is equipped with an options: a reject table - that pushes out batteries if there is a faulty filling (exceeded maximum filling time).

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