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Källström is located in Eslöv, in the south of Sweden, situated about 30 minutes from Copenhagen airport, Kastrup. We moved from Malmö to our new site in Eslöv in 2005 where we today have all our design, programming, manufacturing, assembly, sales and shipping.


Källström Engineering Systems AB, is a Swedish high tech mechanical designer for the global Battery industry and Chemical industry. We are a small but highly specialized business and we manufacture mostly filling machines and mixing equipment to handle sulfuric acid and other corrosive products. Our head Office is located in Eslöv, in southern Sweden, some 30 minutes drive from Copenhagen Airport.

Källström Engineering Systems is part of the Swedish Beijer Tech group. Beijer Tech is wholly owned by Beijer Alma, publ. listed on the Nasdaq OMX. The three previous main owners Jim Sandberg, Bo Johansson and Anders Källström will continue to remain as operating minority owners to continue to develop the business together with Beijer Tech. In connection with the transaction, Källström’s CEO, Anders Källström, has chosen to take on a new role as technical manager and hand over the role of CEO to the company’s former Construction Manager, Jim Sandberg. Bo Johansson continues as before in his role as Sales Manager.

The ultimate goal for us is to provide highest quality easy-to-use equipment with outstanding performance and great flexibility. 95 % of our sales is on export and we have agents in USA, India and South Korea. We are the representative for Digatron Power Electronics and Digatron Systems in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Our customers operates mainly within the lead-acid battery industry, but we are also supplying machines for filling of NiCd- and NiMH-batteries. We also have customers in the chemical industry since our mixing machines, filling machines and all other equipments are specially designed and built for very agressive and corrosive liquids.

We offer a wide range of tailor-made solutions for filling of SLI, AGM and Gel batteries, and we provide counsel and advice for suitable solutions. We design and manufacture both fully automatic and semiautomatic acid filling solutions for most kinds of mono-block batteries and 2V cells. We also provide solutions for lye-filling of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries.


KÄLLSTRÖM Engineering Systems AB has been in the business since 1991. The name Källström however has a 50-year long history within the industry. Lars Källström started his business in the 1970’s and worked with countless customers in the field. In the early 1990’s Anders Källström shouldered the cloak and lead the company onwards while the industry became more and more refined and concentrated towards high tech.

We have always had a long and close collaboration with subsuppliers for our equipments. Our main area of expertice is custom designing fully automatic equipment with systems utilizing the latest in todays technology. Our expertise is concentrated towards complete solutions for the handling, mixing and filling of aggressive fluids like acid or lye electrolyte, and our ambition is for technical excellence and leadership within the industry.





Filler (SF4-2D) from the late 1990’s (to the left). Same filler , SF4-2D, with contemporary design, fully automatic and comprehensive security features (to the right).